VisualSense AI is a Swiss-based boutique advisory in Computer Vision and AI providing outstanding services to companies, startup incubators and institutions.

We have worked on complex and then unsolved cases using cutting edge algorithms and technologies. Our approach favours ingenious and simple solutions that leverage a deep understanding of the problem at hand and extensive experience across the spectrum of A.I and Computer Vision techniques.
Our connections to key players in the field, from top researchers to corporate engineers and digital transformation visionaries means that we are at the forefront of innovation.

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Profile picture Dr. Julien Weissenberg is a Computer Vision Expert. He completed his PhD at the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Luc Van Gool and holds an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College London.

He has a proven track record of inventing and implementing state-of-the-art algorithms in Computer Vision and NP-hard problem optimization.

Julien has been an expert and speaker for companies and startup accelerators. He has been named a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.


We are based in Zurich, Switzerland and deliver around the world


  1. Dilemma First Search for Effortless Optimization of NP-hard Problems
    [pdf] [bib] [appendix]
    J. Weissenberg, H. Riemenschneider, R. Dragon and L. Van Gool, ICPR 2016.
  2. Inverse Procedural Modelling and Applications
    [pdf] [bib]
    J. Weissenberg, PhD thesis, ETH Zurich.
  3. Navigation using Special Buildings as Signposts
    [pdf] [bib] [supp. material]
    J. Weissenberg, M. Gygli, H. Riemenschneider and L. Van Gool, MapInteract 2014.
  4. Learning Where To Classify In Multi-View Semantic Segmentation
    [pdf] [bib] [project page]
    H. Riemenschneider, A. Bodis-Szomoru, J. Weissenberg and L. Van Gool, ECCV 2014.
  5. Is there a Procedural Logic to Architecture?
    [pdf] [bib] [supp. material]
    J. Weissenberg, H. Riemenschneider, M. Prasad and L. Van Gool, CVPR 2013.
  6. A Three-Layered Approach to Facade Parsing
    [pdf] [bib] [video]
    A. Martinović, M. Mathias, J. Weissenberg and L. Van Gool, ECCV 2012.
  7. Procedural 3D Building Reconstruction using Shape Grammars and Detectors
    [pdf] [bib]
    M. Mathias, A. Martinović, J. Weissenberg and L. Van Gool, 3DIMPVT 2011.
  8. Automatic Architectural Style Recognition
    [pdf] [bib]
    M. Mathias, A. Martinović, J. Weissenberg, S. Haegler and L. Van Gool, 3D-ARCH 2011.
Masters project, Imperial College, 2009: Visual Measurement for Interior Design.
Measure distances using a webcam and a calibration object (can of coke). Augmented reality to visualize furniture. Novel camera-based easy-to-use interface (C++, OpenGL) [video]

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